FDD (4)

Hi! I’ve got some friends that need to practice a little bit of english and also I’m getting readers from all over the world since I recently joined the Independent Fashion Blogger Community. So this post goes in english! And it also goes to you, CARITO!

Ok, so on Wendsday I went to see the new collection of Macarena Errázuriz (just showed her new designs right here!). And this is what I wore.

I was a little embarraced of the shortness of my dress, but what da heck, it was quite warm that night! So what do you think? I felt sexy but still chic. What do you think of the outfit??


*La foto es de Camila Burky


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  1. Thanks Barbi!! I need practice my english! I’m very happy that you practice with me… :) You look very pretty and chic in that dress. I hope that my writing is not so bad. Good bye!!

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